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Trees of Tomorrow is the passion project of New Zealand based artist Bridget Porter. Fuelled by her love for the natural world, Bridget’s mission is to replenish our much needed forests - one piece of unique, handcrafted jewellery at a time.

Inspired by nature, the designs are born in the woods, developed by the river and then created in her beautiful sunny Arrowtown studio. All jewellery is made in small batches using luxe sterling silver, recycled native New Zealand timber, and a careful selection of precious and semi precious stones.

Trees of Tomorrow is dedicated to making a net positive impact on the natural environment and the happiness of its people. Every part of the process is carried out with our beautiful planet in our hearts and minds.

In a loving effort to live harmoniously with our surroundings, we have proudly partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects, who do an incredible job of restoring native forests around the world. In doing so, they lift communities out of extreme poverty by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year. And so, for every $10 sold, online or via one of our lovely stockists, we pay for the planting, raising and protection of one tree in Nepal.

We want each piece of jewellery to have a positive effect on as many people as possible; not just the proud owner. As well as planting physical seeds with each sale, our intention is to plant seeds in people’s minds. Seeds of kindness, of hope, of inspiration; the Trees of Tomorrow.




Warm, witty, and sometimes a little whacky, Bridget’s main goal in life is to gently infuse joy into as many lives as possible. She’s happiest and most at ease when surrounded by nature. An ideal day for Bridget might consist of some dancing, a scenic hike, some yoga, some time to spend at the bench, a twiddle on her guitar and copious amount of Mexican food.



When I excitedly bought my first small batch of silver, my vision wasn’t to turn it into a business. It was more of a fun little science experiment. The planet had my heart and I was sure that my career was to be in conservation.

But it quickly became clear that designing and handcrafting beautiful pieces of jewellery inspired by what I love most, brought me a lot of joy. This joy I could then emanate, spreading more love to the world.


So I followed this.

I realised that as strong as my desire was to help nourish and sustain the world around me, I needed to find harmony within myself first, and this new way of creating was doing just that.

Fast forward to the present day, and here I am.

I spend my days doing what I love. Sometimes this looks like pouring my heart into creating delicate pieces of jewellery for special people. Sometimes it looks like a solo adventure in the mountains to allow inspiration to come through. Sometimes it looks like a whole morning of dancing followed by an afternoon of sketching. Whatever it may be, I let my heart lead. I follow my joy while always keeping my deepest held values close to my heart.

I say this not to gloat, but to inspire. I believe that if we were all to pursue our soul’s unique path, we could make the world even more beautiful than it already is. It’s painfully easy to get lost in the fog of what we think we should be doing, and forget that our only job here is to find what makes us shine, and do that.

So Trees of Tomorrow is my contribution. It makes me shine, it makes you shine and thanks to our planting partners at ERP, it makes our planet shine.

Thank you for being here, I truly appreciate your support.

Keep shining brightly x

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